Sun, Relax and Penedès

L'Arboç, Tarragona
Entire property
1 - 9 people
5 dormitorios
9 camas
80€ pers./noche (aprox)

Distribución y capacidad

Sun, Relax and Penedès

Entire property (apartment type)


Camas: 9 single

pers/noche (aprox)

Descripción del alojamiento

A more than 150 years old beautiful house, restored with exquisite taste, located in Platería street (The name comes from ancient times when in this street, the works relating to silver prevailed).

Building of three floors and solarium. On the ground floor there is a beautiful living with semi-circular arches, tiled floors in Italian stoneware, furniture with the signature of "Valenti", a wooden table 10 people, fireplace, bathroom, Catalan style kitchen (ideal to prepare quiet and elegant private celebrations), stereo, CD (with many films) and a library with interesting novels of different genres.

Going up to the first floor, you will find a modern kitchen with central island where, in addition to the proper functions of the kitchen, to obtain good stews, it serves as a table for the "spectator" diners. A large TV screen presides over the space.

On this floor, there is a beautiful courtyard sunny during daytime and well-lit at night, a complete bathroom and two bedrooms. On the second floor, there are three bedrooms and a very sunny gallery (all decorated with hardwood) with a sofa bed, a modern fitness step machine, a stereo, TV and two armchairs (All ready to enjoy, relax and disconnect).

There is an open space of 50 meters to the sky, the sun, the mountains and the roofs of the adjoining houses, in the third floor or solarium, whose function is indisputably, par excellence, sunbathing. This floor has a room with a washing machine.

If you are a family with children, group of friends, if you are looking for a house to hold seminars, if you want to disappear, if you seek exclusivity or authenticity without giving up the comforts; -Choose without a doubt for "Sun, relax and Penedés".

Facilities and services

  • Outdoors:

  • Indoors:

    Living room
    Washing machine
    Dining room
  • Location:



  • Water activities:

    Hiking - trekking, Rock-climbing.

Las actividades que puede encontrar en los alrededores de Sun, relax and Penedès son:

• Senderismo-trekking.
• Escalada.

Lugares de interés

House in Tuscany? - No need !. In a small, pretty, cosy and quiet little village of Penedès, a short drive from the coastal town of Sitges (20 minutes) or the capital of Penedés "Vilafranca" (8 minutes), where almost a century ago a wealthy gentleman honoured his wife with the construction of a replica of the "Giralda de Sevilla".

The main street is a very emblematic pedestrian avenue. The village has several museums; The shark museum, the “puntas al coixi” (bobbin lacemaking) museum. It has a municipal swimming pool, the beautiful lake of Foix, and a golf course at 6 km. Lots of good wine and cava cellars, horseback riding, information centre, restaurant “Sombrerer” and “la Fonda Comerç”.


Address: Carrer de la Platería, 5 - L'Arboç (Tarragona)

Coordenadas: Latitude 41.265400000000 - Longitude 1.603520000000

El propietario

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Languages: Languages: Spanish, French and English.

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Sun, Relax and Penedès situado en L'Arboç, Tarragona. Official accomodation HUTT-012839

Este alojamiento pertenece además a las zonas de: Baix Penedès, Costa Daurada y Parc del Foix

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