Ca l'Estamenya

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Perafita, Barcelona
Entire property
4 - 32 people
8 dormitorios
23 camas
30€ pers./noche (aprox)

Distribución y capacidad

Casa Pedraforca

Entire property (apartment type)


Camas: 2 double, 4 single

pers/noche (aprox)

Casa Plana de Vic

Entire property (apartment type)


Camas: 1 double, 2 single

pers/noche (aprox)

Els Munts

Entire property (apartment type)


Camas: 2 double, 3 single

pers/noche (aprox)

Descripción del alojamiento

Enjoy a country break at Ca l'Estamenya holiday apartments, located right in the centre of Perafita. Ca l'Estamenya consists of six self-catering apartments, all of which are fully equipped:

- 2 apartments sleeping 7 people each.

- 4 apartments sleeping 4/5 people each.

It is ideal for families, friends or, during the week, for business stays.

Perafita is one of the most popular villages in the area. Its location facing the Pyrenees, the charm of its church, the old quarter and especially the famous and delicious COQUES FROM PERAFITA (typical Catalan cake) are the main reasons for this. Our great-grandparents were bakers and we still maintain the tradition of home-made bakery. During your stay you will be able to taste it.

The house has been completely renovated, while retaining its original structure. It offers comfort, peace, quietness and lots of charm! Enjoy a weekend in the Lluçanès countryside with all services at hand.

A little pleasure!

Facilities and services


  • Barbecue
  • Garden
  • Pool
  • Patio
  • Parking available


  • Air conditioning
  • Shared bathroom
  • Ensuite
  • Heating
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Living room
  • Television


  • Internet access
  • Pets permitted
  • Cot available
  • Guided tours


  • Paved driveway
  • In village centre


Water activities

  • Mountain biking
  • Multi-adventure sports
  • Cuisine trails
  • Hiking - trekking
  • Mushroom picking
  • Horse riding
  • Cata de vinos

Air activities

  • Hot-air balloon trips


Located right in the heart of the Lluçanès and surrounded by woods and fields, the village of Perafita is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the hospitable character of its people. Its rural roots, which can be felt on every street and in every corner of the village, make this a spot where your visit is marked by peace and quiet. The landscapes you can see help, too: in the foreground the freshness of the trees (with oaks, pines and holm oaks, among others) and beyond them the mountains, rising higher as they get further away, up to the peaks of Pedraforca, Cadí Moixeró and Puigmal. On a clear day, the highest part of the municipality offers fine views of the mountain ranges of Montserrat and the Montseny. In the old village, the stone houses bear witness to the past. Highlights include St. Peter?s church and the castle, a 19th-century building with some Romanesque features.

Welcome to Perafita!

Churches and chapels

The Lluçanès area has a wide variety of Romanesque buildings of enormous artistic interest both to expert researchers and to interested visitors wanting to find out a little more about the history of Catalonia while enjoying quiet landscapes packed with history.

airs, festivities and markets

Perafita is a village rich in festivities and traditions. Highlights include:

La Candelera (2nd February): the passant or procession around the town has become a tradition in the morning, followed by horse racing in the afternoon on the Camí de Can Carbó.
Local festivity of Saint Peter?s day - 29th June: involves a range of activities, one of the best-established of them being the St. Peter five-a-side football tournament.
Saint Margaret?s day cultural event, on the third weekend in July

Vic market

The tradition of weekly markets in the town of Vic has made this one of the first images visitors think of when they come here. Every Tuesday and Saturday the market can be found in the town?s Plaça Major. Also renowned are the Mediaeval market and the major fair known as the Mercat del Ram, among others

Traditional crafts

Some traditional tillers, basket makers, carpenters and smiths still work in the Lluçanès area, though their numbers are declining. However, new ideas are emerging to revive old trades by giving them a new look: the local craft association, the Associació d'Artesans del Lluçanès, brings together glass painters, woodcarvers, papier mâché sculptors, potters and even a musical instrument maker.

The varied range of products, many of them made locally, together with personal service are among the most important ways in which the shopkeepers of our villages earn customers? confidence.

You may well also have heard of the famous Coca de Perafita, traditionally-made local sweet and savoury flatbreads baked in pinewood ovens. Visit the Lluçanès Local Produce Shop and buy the best coca ever!

Go to the website:
Go to the website:


The Lluçanès plateau is ideal for walkers; its fields, forests, farms and small villages represent a rural world and a natural landscape of enormous interest just waiting to be discovered. The terrain is gentle, furrowed by stream beds and seasonal watercourses, with modest peaks offering excellent views of the eastern Pyrenees, Montserrat and Montseny. We can offer guided routes, on historical themes or simply to enjoy the landscape, including routes around the Alt Lluçanès, a Carlist trail, a bandit trail, the War of the Spanish Succession trail, the trail of the lords of Lluçà and routes between villages.


Down the centuries, farming communities have always gained many resources from flocks: meat, milk and wool, among other things, were of enormous importance to the household economy. The wool was used to make mattresses, bags, jackets for shepherds and other warm clothing; nobody in those days ever imagined that wool would become one of the initial foundations of industrialisation in Catalonia.

Burricleta point

You?ll have a great time on a Burricleta! Try for yourself a new way to discover the countryside, history and culture of the area while you breathe in fresh air, share unforgettable moments with friends and family and, above all, don?t tire yourself out!

Burricleta routes are designed for fun, with a full range of levels, lengths and degrees of difficulty. And the GPS system will guide you on all of them so that you never get lost, as well as finding out more about the cultural and artistic heritage you come across on your way.

Guided tours

Guided tours on cultural themes, adapted to suit each group?s preferences and needs.

Touring the countryside of the Lluçanès you can meet the footprints of the Middle Ages, in castles, Romanesque architecture, chapels, the typical belfries, crypts and the ancient drove roads, as well as the places - ravines, overhangs and pools - that legend has it were frequented by the witches of the Lluçanès for their meetings, orgies and revels, and a host of other surprising places. A walk through its woods and along its footpaths reveals numerous farms and farmhouses which still recall the way of life of our ancestors.

A look at the thirteen villages that make up the Lluçanès makes it clear that this is a quiet, friendly region (but don?t think that it?s always so quiet and peaceful - those in search of movement, festivities and fun can also find them here) with an endless variety of secrets worth discovering.

Balloon flights

A balloon flight is the perfect chance to discover the region from the air, as well as savouring the pleasure of feeling free and enjoying unique aerial views, taking in the plain of Vic, the Montseny hills, the Collsacabra valley and more.

Visit the farm

A Cal Teulats visit our small Alpine goat farm that out to pasture every day. This breed produces a lot of milk, which make cheese and yogurt consumption of the family. We follow a system of ecological management, feed based on fresh grass and some cereal.

We also have ducks, chickens, rabbits and geese.
The farm can be visited every day of the week from 15:00 to 19:00 and on weekends throughout the day.


In the Lluçanès area you can find everything from the simplicity of good home cooking to the sophistication of the most elaborate, modern cuisine. The Fonda Sala currently holds a Michelin star.

What they have in common is their use of local produce: lamb, pork, goat, rabbit, duck and chicken are all on the menu, cooked with the simplicity that is part of country life. Truffle, wild mushrooms and herbs round dishes off with an exotic touch. An evening at the table is not complete without bread baked over a wood fire and coca flatbreads from Perafita.

And just 45 min. away

Sau-Collsacabra valley, Núria valley, La Garrotxa Nature Park.

Lugares de interés

A continuación, puede encontrar algunos sitos de interés destacado:

Perafita: ¡Venid a descubrir nuestro pueblo, os encontraréis como en casa!
Románico: Un buen número de pequeñas iglesias diseminadas configuran el territorio. Patrimonio del prerrománico, románico lombardo, campanarios de espadaña, monasterios, pinturas románico-góticas y puentes de gran tradición trashumante.
Senderismo BTT: En los alrededores de Ca l'Estamenya, encontraréis todo tipo de actividades para disfrutar de la naturaleza en un paisaje incomparable. El entorno perfecto para compartir las emociones más sorprendentes con la familia o los amigos.
Leyendas: Entre la realidad y la leyenda, el Llusanés está lleno de fascinantes historias de bandidos y de brujería. Lleno de rincones sorprendentes donde la imaginación y los sentidos se despiertan y comienzan a viajar.
Paisaje: Un conjunto de zonas idílicas donde la riqueza de los paisajes convive con la diversidad de la fauna y la flora.
Gastronomia: La cocina del Lluçanés está elaborada de forma tradicional, con los productos de siempre, pero ofreciendo aquella modernidad y creatividad que conviene en cada momento.
Artesania: Todavía existen en activo tejeros, cesteros, carpinteros y herreros tradicionales. La Asociación de Artesanos del Lluçanés congrega decoradores de vidrio, escultores de madera y papel maché, ceramistas y hasta a un lutier.
Aventura: Descubre el territorio y profundiza en el conocimiento de una comarca. Viajes en globo.
Ferias y mercados: A 25 minutos de Perafita, se encuentra Vic. Ciudad que a lo largo del año ofrece un amplio abanico de acontecimientos, ferias y mercados.


Address: Plaça de l'Església, 11 - Perafita (Barcelona)

Coordenadas: Latitude 42.042266000000 - Longitude 2.106680500000

How to get there

Ca l'Estamenya is located right in the centre of Perafita, in the heart of El Lluçanès, in the western part of Osona, between El Moianès and the Pyrenean foothills.

From Barcelona, 2 options:

1 - C-17 road (Barcelona-Puigcerdà) to the C-25 road (or "Eix Transversal") towards Lleida-Manresa 60b exit 170 towards Prats de Lluçanès-Olost ? Perafita.
This is a new road and is quicker than the second option.

2 - C-17 highway (Barcelona-Puigcerdà) to the C-25 road (or "Eix Transversal"), exit 179, BV-4601 road (Sant Bartomeu de Grau - Perafita).

From Girona, 2 options:

1 - C-25 road (or "Eix Transversal") towards Lleida-Manresa 60b exit 170 Prats de Lluçanès-Olost ? Perafita.
This is a new road and is quicker than the second option.

2 - C-25 road (or "Eix Transversal") exit 180, BV-4601 road (Gurb - Sant Bartomeu del Grau - Perafita).

From Lleida:

C-25 road (or "Eix Transversal"), exit 170 towards Prats de Lluçanès-Olost -Perafita.

Perafita is 70 km from Girona airport and 80 km from Barcelona airport.


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"Casa súper confortable"

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Semana Santa en la Casa Plana de Vic, hemos estado muy a gusto , la casa no le faltaba ni un detalle en cuanto a comodidades , pueblo tranquilo... View full review

Elisabet Franquesa

Me sigue ilusionando cada semana recibir familias y grupos en un entorno tan maravilloso como es el Lluçanès. No dudéis en preguntarme cualquier cosa sobre el establecimiento o la zona.

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